Blösch AG is a technology company; focusing on functional aspects and decorative surface finishing. We stand out for a technology portfolio right across the board, from vacuum coating technologies and precision electroplating right up to high-quality color printing on 3D components. We use the following internal processes for our products and services:

Coating and surface technologies

  • PVD (including arc-PVD, magnetron sputtering, plasma-assisted deposition)
  • PECVD (including DLC coatings)
  • CVD (including SiO2)
  • Plasma treatment (including plasma nitriding and oxidation)
  • Electroplating (including precision electroplating of precious metals)
  • Color printing (including pad printing)
  • Laser engraving (including on sapphire)

Component manufacturing methods

  • Electroforming (copper, nickel)
  • LIGA
  • Laser cutting of micro-components (sapphire, ceramics, carbide)

Methods for joining components

  • Joining metal with ceramics, sapphire or glass by soldering (e.g. for hermetic packaging)
  • Connecting by gluing (e.g. sapphire on sapphire)
  • Assembly of small precision components

One area where we really stand out is having long-since mastered how best to combine the above technologies. As well as creating authentic and innovative products and services for our customers, our development team also leverages these insights to develop tailored customer solutions for demanding applications.

So look no further than Blösch AG to partner your projects as a general contractor, handling the full range, from development and procurement, right up to production and qualification of the customer-specific product. We also enjoy close cooperation with our sister companies PLATIT AG and LISS a.s. to offer you a further optimized and international service.