Company Profile

Blösch AG is a Swiss technology pioneer with around 110 employees that develops and produces authentic coating solutions, coated components and all-in-one tailored solutions. We cater to customers in watch, tool and machine industries, plus companies in fields including laser optics, telecommunications, sensor technology, aviation and aerospace.

A tradition of innovation

Ever since it was founded back in 1947, Blösch has combined a culture of innovation with the values of a family business. A recipe for success, which has underpinned Blösch's international reputation and seen it establish itself as a technology leader in several markets as part of the multinational BCI Blösch Group, with around 370 employees worldwide.

Durable. Visually appealing. Functional.

We harness groundbreaking and authentic technological solutions for the best, most durable and attractive customer products. More often than not, our efforts are key to the functionality that secures the market success.

Our portfolio is constantly evolving, to take special customer requirements and ever-changing market needs into account.

Enthusiastically and expertly: we meet our customers’ needs. Optimally and efficiently achieving their goals.

What our customers can rely on:

  • our wide-ranging and international experience in various markets
  • production scope across the board, from highly specialized niche products in small batches in Switzerland to standardized items produced in bulk in Europe
  • technical and organizational expertise, target-oriented solution finding and project support and consulting from A-Z
  • scope to combine a range of technologies and processes
  • high awareness of precision and quality