Optics and sensors

Blösch's high-end coating solutions have many applications in the markets of Optics & Sensors.
Customers value in particular Blösch's:

  • Solution-oriented engineering
  • Wide portfolio of technical capabilities
  • In-house optical and metallic coating competences
  • Hermetic integration systems
  • Test and qualification services
  • Overall customer support
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Optical coatings

Solderable coatings

The hermetic integration of a protective window for sensors and visual systems is critical, in particular the interface between the sapphire, glass or ceramic window to the metal housing. The superior solution to achieve a stable and robust interface between those materials is an all-metal interface, that is build up on a solderable coating applied selectively on the non-metal protective window. The hermetic integration is then achived by brasing (e.g., AgSn or AuSn).

Our solderable metal coatings are durable and resist to high temperature and harsh environmental conditions. They provide the highest quality sealing for hermetic packaging for various applications, e.g., medical and industrial endoscopes, food and beverages (e.g. turbidity sensors), environmental analytics, optical switches for telecom, analytics for pharaceuticals, industrial robotics, agriculture, generators and aerospace.

Standard design

The standard design consists in depositing the solderable coating along a defined zone on the same surface as the optical coating. This design is flexible and very precise.

Key performance parameters:

  • Solderable coating solution for rectangular and round flat windows
  • Selective application on a defined zone allows seamless and easy integration of an optical window to the metal housing
  • Ideal coating solution for larger hermetic windows
  • Substrates may be either sapphire, fused silica, or most crystals, glasses and ceramics
  • Windows can be additionally coated with an optical filter

Compact design

The compact design consists in depositing the solderable coating on the surface that is perpendicular to the optical surface (side edge of the window). This design is recommended for all space-limited applications.

Key performance parameters:

  • Solderable coating solutions for the side edge of optical windows or lenses as well as for non-transparent ceramic windows
  • The side edge of very small components, down to sub-millimeter dimensions, can be coated for soldering
  • Ideal coating solution for size-critical hermetic windows such as in endoscopes and space-limited sensing devices. The full optical surface of the windows and lenses can be used for the sensing or visual application
  • Cylindrical, flat or other surface shapes can be coated
  • Substrates may be either sapphire, fused silica, or most crystals, glasses and ceramics
  • Windows or lenses can be additionally coated  with an optical filter

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