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Coatings from the Woodcut series


To create its Woodcut coatings, Blösch AG has collaborated with research and development partners and set new standards in coating solution for cutting solid wood. You can purchase these coatings exclusively from Blösch AG since the integration of WoodcutCoatings AG in Blösch AG in May 2015.

The Woodcut series coatings are suitable for use in insert cutting, wedge-shaped milling and shaft milling in solid wood and are used in industries with high standards for the quality of cut wood surfaces, such as the window and furniture construction sector.

Technology and scope of use


The double coatings in the Woodcut series consist of a hard base layer of PVD and a tribological non-friction top layer. The cutting edge is completely coated. The cutting capability of the blades remains undiminished because the coating is a specially optimized thin layer. By using this patented coating process, we significantly lengthen the period of time in which the cutting edge produces high-quality wood surfaces while cutting.

The different Woodcut coatings vary in chemical composition and in associated properties, e.g., hardness and heat resistance. For VHM cutting, we recommend the following layers from the Woodcut series depending on the use involved:

Visible areaNon-visible area
Glued jointWoodcut Universal/Hard*Woodcut Hard
No glued jointWoodcut UniversalWoodcut Universal/Hard
*Depending on VHM type, wood type and quality definition

On request, we are happy to explain further treatment options for the use of HSS tools, especially blades for planing.

Advantages for users


As a production enterprise in the woodworking sector, you derive substantial cost and efficiency advantages from the use of coated tools. Here are your advantages at a glance:

  • The service life of your cutting edges increases three to five fold on average. You save substantial costs when buying new cutting edges.
  • Coated cutting edges produce wood surfaces of consistently high quality, thereby reducing the need for reworking and increasing process reliability.
  • Higher machine availability and less work time spent on changing and cleaning cutting edges. With the anti-friction coating, resin is easier to remove.
  • The improved gliding performance reduces fine dust pollution in your production operations (<100 μm).
  • You do not need to invest in new machines or tools because the Woodcut coatings are applied to your existing cutting edges. You continue to purchase your cutting edges from the supplier of your choice.

We are happy to inform you in detail in a personal meeting about the improvements in service life that you can achieve.

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