PulsPlasma nitriding and oxidising

PulsPlasma nitriding and oxidising


PulsPlasma nitriding is a hardening process in which nitrogen is used to increase the hardness of the outer layer of steel. In the nitriding process the increase in hardness is not achieved by a classic hardening process but is based on the formation of iron nitrides and special nitrides in the outer layer of the workpiece.
The combination of PulsPlasma nitriding with our high-tech PVD coating on steels with a tempering temperature >380°C allows unprecedented tool life in machining, forming and cutting applications.

The advantages of PulsPlasma nitriding are as follows:

  • Low abrasive wear
  • Improved release properties / reduced adhesion
  • Less deformation / no warpage
  • Required nitrided case depth (Nht) can be obtained
  • Short treatment times of 5 - 50 h depending on Nht
  • Exact temperature control throughout the process
  • Low treatment temperatures possible (from approx. 350°C)
  • Treatment between nitriding and coating only required under certain conditions

The tools can then optionally undergo PulsPlasma oxidising in order to improve their resistance to oxidation. The oxide film formed in the process further reduces the coefficient of friction.


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