The coating of surfaces is a long-standing tradition at Blösch. It was back in 1947 that Walter Blösch began developing a special gold plating for jewellery and watches. The sheer superiority of this plating revolutionised the industry.

Blösch has been using vacuum technology since the 1970s to produce high-precision metallic and optical coatings. We respond to the changing market requirements with cutting-edge processes and continuous developments and improvements in pretreating, cleaning, handling and finishing.

Dial manufacturer Mérusa SA was integrated into Blösch AG in 2015. Blösch AG is continuing the former's long-standing expertise in the traditional manufacture of dials and supplementing it with its own innovative solutions.

The Blösch AG is certified according to SN EN ISO 9001: 20015, SN EN ISO 14001: 20015 and Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). You can download the certificates here.

Blösch AG_CH10527028_e_9k-14k_final.pdf
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